With more than 10 years of experience and an ever-growing fanbase that includes some of Seattle’s most famous faces, Susan continues to push the envelope in terms of her skills, services and product offerings—right down to her Partly Sunny skincare line, developed precisely for Pacific Northwest skin.

Susan’s Manifesto


    1. Believe in the bloom

    Nature is a garden party full of skincare solutions— we just need to know what's ripe for the plucking.


    2. Answer wake-up calls

    Pay attention to changes in complexion and address them right away— timely, targeted skincare will keep your skin looking younger longer.


    3. Embrace everyday luxuries

    Turn your cleansing ritual into a blissful indulgence seven days a week.


    4. Know your neck of the woods

    From dandelions to seaweed, our local backyard botanicals can support our skin and counterbalance environmental stressors.


    5. Save face

    For more than 10 years I’ve been blessed with the most fulfilling job I can think of—remedying the complexions of the Pacific Northwest lady elite.